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I want to access the root account home folder to delete some files because when I logging to Ubuntu 12.04 it says that no enough memory to write after typing the password. But i can log into guest user account. To get the memory how can i delete the file from guest user account? ( I have the root password because I'm the root).

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You can not access root from guest account. Rather you can try to login to a virtual console. For that you need to hit Ctrl+Alt+F1 at your login screen.

At virtual console to login into the CLI enter your username and password. To move to root accounts home folder use the following commands,

$ sudo -i

Check the present directory using the command

$ pwd

Now delete at your wish using the following command,

rm -ri <folder>  # To delete folder
rm -i <file>  # To delete file
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Thanks mate problem solved. :) – Lasith Malinga Jan 11 '14 at 17:20

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