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I can reach internet by two ways:

  • my PC --> home network --> internet
  • my PC --> proxy laptop --> other wifi point --> internet

Can anyone tell me how to configure proxy laptop to work as local proxy to access the internet? I also would like to point out that proxy laptop uses 2 interfaces - LAN cable and WLAN0 interface.

I've heard it is possible to do using software squid but in the google seems no info :( Even on windows 7 I didn't find any info how to make it work :/ Does anyone know how to configure squid proxy? I don't care if it's on windows xp, windows 7, ubuntu, or any other linux distro

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I'm assuming you want the proxy to filter both internet trafic, and that your draw is wrong too, becouse i think the "other wi-fi" has no internet direct like you draw. On this case, you need to use your router to close ports 80 and 443 for the clients and leave it open only for the proxy and then configure manually in the computers inside both networks to use your proxy server. Squid is designed to run under linux OS and Ubuntu is a very nice one to use it.

The point is, using the notebook wifi conection to provide internet for the other network makes you need some undertanding about bridging interfaces. This can help...

If you give us mor information i could help you a few more.

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You probably didn't get what I mean. Anyway, sorry for my not perfect English! I've recently done this using my spare laptop. I connected to wifi (neighboars) and share it through cable, but I connected cable to my schools network. As a result, if I set manually ip adress (e.g., mask and gateway as instead of automatically received ( I can connect through my wifi. This is how I got proper internet access in my school from anywhere there just using a very old laptop in my room :) – Erikas May 20 '14 at 10:28
Now, the neighboars wifi has gone! IDK why, nobody were connected there when I scanned... Now am searching for how to use my laptop as gateway/proxy/something that would redirect packets to proxy without setting up any proxy settings on other devices. – Erikas May 20 '14 at 10:32

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