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I have lots of Windows experience, but zero Linux/Ubuntu, so thought I'd try installing Ubuntu. I'm attempting to install Ubuntu 13.10 on a harddrive with a lot of files (no OS, 1 simple basic primary partition). I use Windows 7 Disk Management (current OS on a different HDD) to shrink the volume and create 50 GB of unallocated space where I want to install Ubuntu. My mobo does not have EFI (http://ca.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3765#sp)

I then disconnect my Win 7 HDD (ensuring I don't break anything) so only the single HDD with the 50GB free is hooked up and boot from USB and start the Ubuntu installation, choosing "Something Else". This is where I am now unsure how to go about things. I create a 40 GB ext4 and mount "/" as 'primary' and at beginning of 50 GB space. I then create a 10 GB "swap" after that, finally followed by 5 MB of "Reserved BIOS Boot Area" and then "Install". Device for boot loader I put in /dev/sda (highest entry on the list). Installer goes through the motions, tells me it needs to restart - machine restarts and stops at "Loading Operating System" and just sits there :( I confirmed in BIOS that it should be booting from the HDD.

If I hook my Win 7 HDD back up and boot into it and use EasyBCD for "Grub 2" automatic it finds the Ubuntu and adds it to the boot list. Now when I boot (Win 7 HDD) I see the Ubuntu option - if I select it I end up in some kind of GRUB command line interface and not Ubuntu desktop.

I'm guessing there's something wrong with my partitions. Or the device for boot loader is in the wrong place? I also assumed I could avoid dual boot problems by having Ubuntu entirely on this HDD, and then just choose that HDD from BIOS when I want Ubuntu. Then maybe advance to having it as an option in boot later. I'm game to fix what I have, or use Win 7 Disk Management to scrub the Ubuntu partitions and start over.

Update1: HDD I am installing to is GPT (it's 3TB total).

Update2: Boot-Info results - http://paste.ubuntu.com/6748189/

Update3: Screw it. I hooked up an old HDD and just installed Ubuntu by itself onto it. Then I used EasyBCD in Win 7 to give me the Ubuntu option at start up. Working now - now lots to explore :)

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does "Reserved BIOS Boot Area" created by itself or by you ? –  Tommy Aria Pradana Jan 11 at 16:01
By me. I did that because I got an error msg saying I should create one, so I did. –  Mechoption Jan 11 at 16:22
I've seen your MB Spec,i think it's from 6 Series chipset which have UEFI support (If my memory serve me correctly) try to disable it and re-install –  Tommy Aria Pradana Jan 11 at 16:28
I would need to update by BIOS to get UEFI (I didn't even realize I had that option), so I don't have UEFI. (ca.gigabyte.com/products/product-page.aspx?pid=3765#bios) –  Mechoption Jan 11 at 17:09
Is the bios_grub unformatted space with the bios_grub flag? May be best to run BootInfo report and post link in your first post. help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Info –  oldfred Jan 12 at 15:57

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