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Short story about my trials and
problems (hangup) to add a new user in Ubuntu 13.10 GUI-Window.
I need help to handle 'user account' in SaucySalamander.

Want to add a new user (to the same group) with the, the window “System Settings” GUI.
The GUI.“System Settings” appear and I can chose between settings like.
* Personal
* Hardware, and
* System

On the right side one can see - “User Account”, appear.
A while after I mouse click, on “User Account”,
The whole GUI-window “System Settings” 'hang up',
and after 10-20 seconds are shaded.

The window “System Settings” is not responding.
Clicked on “Force Quit” to finish.

Please Help me with this, so I can do some simple sudo with the GUI
– since I'm not familiar with Unix/Linux.

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