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I have a brand new install of Ubuntu 12.04.3 on a laptop and then installed Virtualbox from Ubuntu Software Center.

I want to do testing within Virtualbox but can't finish the install.

First install was using all default values. Then I changed it to the following:

Virtualbox base memory: 512MB
Virtualbox video memory: 64MB
acceleration: 3D

I ran the install twice already and it stops at the same point.
The status shows "copying files" and it stops about 70% of the "Where are you?" map screen.

Using same iso for virtualbox install as the one I used for the laptop.


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you can try to download the latest virtualbox from virtualbox.org –  sgx1 Jan 11 at 7:09
Have you tried to increase the base memory?. 512Mb are not enough for a Ubuntu install in real hardware. –  Javier Rivera Jan 13 at 7:54

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