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I want to export my saved passwords in Firefox/Mozilla manager to an external password manager application with better encryption.

Where is the password file located and what is the file extension? Maybe the application can do an import of the database file.

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There is an add-on for exporting your passwords.

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According to the support page the password data can be found in ~/.mozilla/firefox/key3.db and ~/.mozilla/firefox/signons.sqlite files. These files needs to be read with some sqlite editor. There are other alternatives like extensions that do so too.

LastPass, Keepass and others password managers that use Firefox plugins, can import the data from Firefox directly and replace the password manager.

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LastPass Password Manager is a very good add-on that let's you store and encrypt your passwords in Firefox. It automatically exports (and deletes) the passwords stored locally and plainly during installation to your LastPass Vault. It also has a feature for generating a random password for a particular website.

This, for me, is one of the best security add-ons for Firefox. It's easy to use and manage.

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The latest versions of Firefox store passwords, encrypted, in a JSON text file, logins.json, in your Firefox profile folder at /home/you/.firefox/.

This Python script will decrypt them all into a text file. Basic usage:


And answer prompt if necessary.

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