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I got a Asus S550 CM Ultrabook with Windows 8 pre installed, 24 GB SSD, 750 GB HDD and am looking at UEFI for the first time.

I am a web developer and would only be using a few IDEs, My SQL and a dozen scripting languages for not very intensive development / financial modelling.

I need to install Ubuntu on my Laptop but before I even get to creating a partition to install Ubuntu on, there are some partitions on my HDD (as shipped with the Ultrabook) that have me in a fix.Not sure why these are 100% Unused and what I need to do before I go about creating any partitions on my HDD. (link to Disk Management Screen Shot - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6GK3wCWVU3xSTVpWXVFdmpqZG8/edit?usp=sharing )

SSD: I looked at Disk Management and the SSD contains an OEM partition (4 GB) and a primary partition 18.36 GB. (Totals 22.36 GB, Balance Unexplained, Both 100% Unoccupied) From the looks of Disk Management, Windows Seems to be installed on the HDD.

1) How exactly am I supposed to use the SSD ? What should the SSD Contain ? The operating systems I need OR files/programs I expect to use most frequently.

2) Correct me if I am wrong, the SSDs help Ultrabooks boot quickly as compared to booting from HDDs , right. How is the SSD being used that boots Windows 8 in 6 seconds ? Why is Windows 8 not on the SSD and why is the SSD empty ?

3) Is the SSD supposed to be accessed like any other drive from My Computer. It does not appear in My Computer and does not seem to have a File System or Drive Letter Associated with it.

4) I don't really know what an SSD is used for except that its storage that can be read by the processor at very high speeds compared to an HDD. There is no phenomenal use I can make of 24 GB irrespective of how fast I can read from it. Can some 1 guide me on SSD use cases.

EFI System Partion:

The difference between EFI and legacy BIOS is a quite over my head. This is 300 MB in size and is 100% free. What data is supposed to go here ? Windows does boot in EFI mode, as verified from MSINFO32. I do understand that some files that are required to load the OS in EFI mode go here and a different set of files are required for each OS . But why is this 100% unoccupied in the present case. Aren't the requisite Windows Files supposed to be here.

These questions to begin with, There will be more when I read up on the actually installation procedure for Windows 8 Plus Ubuntu Dual Boot. Phew!!

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But Windows does use the SSD to make for very quick boots as it puts its hibernation into the SSD. Somehow it uses Intel SRT or RAID, which is not always seen correctly from Linux tools. You may have to remove RAID meta-data. If primarily a Windows user you can reimplement later. If mostly Linux you can install / (root) into SSD. Windows will not boot as quick but if dual booting you should have always on hibernation (fast boot) off anyway. askubuntu.com/questions/221835/… AND: help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI –  oldfred Jan 10 at 23:49
Thank you for you response but I am not really concerned about being able to install Ubuntu at this moment... You have partially answered my question on the SSD use case.. can you answer the rest of my questions - What those partitions are why are they empty ? –  user1812787 Jan 11 at 2:05
Pardon me but I just got a lttle too much too grab at the moment, –  user1812787 Jan 11 at 2:11
So you are saying that the SSD is being exclusively used for rapid wake up from Hibernation, Correct ? and since the Caching technology used - SRT/RAID - is not very compatible with Linux, I have to compromise something ??? Can you explain in more layman terms ?? –  user1812787 Jan 11 at 2:22
I do not know why you see empty partitions, maybe Windows does not work with its only RAID? Some general info on Intel's site: intel.com/p/en_US/support/highlights/chpsts/imsm Do not know how similar you model is to this: help.ubuntu.com/community/AsusZenbookPrime?highlight=%28\bCategoryHardwa‌​re\b%29 –  oldfred Jan 11 at 19:35

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