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I'm doing some testing and sometimes I have issues with containers and juju. How do I clean up a machine so that I can start using the local provider "from scratch" without reinstalling?

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LXC containers and the Juju environment need to persist through a reboot, so everything is not contained in one place.

First, ensure that you have the environment destroyed and the containers are not running. Then remove the following files and directories:


Then you can reboostrap with a clean environment.

In certain cases you might need to list, stop, and destroy containers by hand, do this before removing the Juju files.

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This 2 command didn't work for me: sudo rm -r /etc/lxc/auto/juju-* AND sudo rm -r /var/lib/lxc/juju-* – mini Mar 8 '14 at 17:05

You might find the following snippet I use helpful:

It's a bash script that needs to be run as root, and it tries to clean up aggressively all remnants of a local juju environment, including LXC templates, containers, logs, running mongodb test servers, etc.

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