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I've installed XFCE to test this desktop environment, but when I decide to switch back to Unity, uninstalling the XFCE packages, the LightDM keeps equal like XFCE, and I want to restore the Unity one. I think that is called Unity Greeter. Can someone help me?

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Could you take a picture so we could see exactly what you mean? –  Seth Jan 13 at 19:34

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sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm
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I've tried that. Same login screen :( –  sinholueiro Jan 10 at 15:08

I installed xubuntu-desktop on top of normal Ubuntu 14.04. Then I also noticed that the greeter had changed. I still use the xubuntu desktop, but I changed the greeter back by adding a line


into /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/10-xubuntu.conf.

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