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When I maximize gVim, at the bottom of the window i see about 20 pixels of gray line. To the right there is just 4 pixels of the same gray from top to bottom. I had the same gray before 11.04, but at least twice smaller and didn't bother to fix it or ask about it.

A small note is that even that i use gVim my options are like console. I.e. without menu and scrollers.

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VIM computes the width and height of its display area using columns and lines, not pixels. Resize your GVIM window using your mouse, and you will notice the change.

Let's say the titlebar's height is 40px; when maximized, the width and height of GVIM window is 1024 X 722. Then, the total display area of VIM SHOULD be 1024 X 682 (722 - 40).

If the height of each line is 20px and each character (column) takes 5px, then there will be 51 (1024 / 20) lines and 4 (1024 mod 20) pixels, 136 (682 / 5) columns and 2 (682 mod 5) pixels.

The actual width and height of VIM's display area is 1020 X 720 while the resolution of the GVIM window is 1024 X 722, this making the rest area unused (the gray area).

How to fix it?

Never maximize the GVIM window, or you can use this trick:

:set lines=8888
:set columns=8888
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