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I have a 3G USB network adapter from Sun Cellular and it runs very slow at a rate of about 3kb/s. I read about umtsmon which people on the forums have stated brings that slow 3kb/s up to 60 kb/s. I can't install it in Ubuntu however because there are no current packages for Ubuntu or any other modern Linux version.

How can I install umtsmon on Ubuntu 13.10?

My USB broadband modem is the ONE TOUCH X230 - 7.2 MBPS

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Might be a bug: bugs.launchpad.net/bugs/554099. It regards a Qualcomm one, but it regards a 3G adapter... –  RPi_Awesomeness Jan 10 at 15:56
Could you link to this forum? –  Braiam Feb 21 at 21:08
@Braiam I don't know where it is anymore. I deleted my bookmarks on accident. –  zeitue Feb 21 at 22:49

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