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awhile ago i was installing something and doing some stuff with terminal, and i think i messed it up. on the terminal app it says "Terminal - cat - 80x24" then inside terminal it says:

Last login: Wed Jan 1 14:05:47 on ttys000

-bash: [[-s: command not found

is there a way to reinstate my terminal to original settings? thank you!

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The error message says that your login shell (-bash) had a problem parsing its init file (have you edited ~/.bashrc or equivalent recently?), and failed where you had "[[-s" (you probably wanted "[[ -s", with a space between "[[" and "-s").

You can find it via

egrep '\[\[-s' .bashrc .bash_profile .bash_login /etc/profile/etc/bash.bashrc /etc/environment

Not all of those files will exist, but, if they do, check them.

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