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I am trying to get my Ubuntu 12.04 laptop to be able to run games on pogo.com

First none of the games on pogo would work because of outdated flash. Then I learned of google chrome with pep flash and some of the games would work but not all of them due to outdated java.

I have iced tea plugin for my chrome but have no idea what versions of java it supports.

I need java7 to run the pogo online games, so i tried to install openjdk7 but it would not show up on my chrome plugins. If anyone could help me figure out this problem it would be much appreciated.


Also, I am using chromes newest download straight from google, with iced-tea 1.2.3.

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Could you upload a screenshoot showing us the error please? –  Lucio Jan 10 at 6:19
I have tried openjdk7, I have tried icedtea, I have tried Firefox, Chromium, and chrome. So far the only one to come close is chrome straight from google. I only say close because it only works on half of the games, but the games I am trying to play are the ones it doesn't want to work on. All pogo says is my java is outdated, nothing else, no specifics. –  Nathan Jan 10 at 10:31

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