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I can't find the proper documentation for using xfce4-panel --add. The --help says:

--add=PLUGIN-NAME Add a new plugin to the panel

So I can do:

 xfce4-panel --add=launcher

which will pop up a dialogue asking which panel I want the launcher on, and then create a blank launcher on the panel.

How can I do more? I would like to specify from the command line:

  • Which panel to put it on (so that I don't get the dialogue and I can call it from a script)
  • The position of the launcher on the panel
  • Which program to use for the launcher

I believe that some of this should be possible because the release notes for the xfce panel say:

Possibility to add new plugins from the command line, including startup arguments.

However, I can't find any documentation about the "startup arguments" that it is referring to.

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The official docs are here, but I'm not sure that the panel has the flexibility that you want. This is likely something that you could request on bugzilla.xfce.org . –  landroni Jan 12 at 23:22

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