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I have recently installed Ubuntu 12.04 and on updating driver from GUI additional driver, it prompts me for the missing of broadcom driver . on accepting the download option. the message get prompted

Sorry, installation of this driver failed.

Please have a look at the log file for details: /var/log/jockey.log

i am new with ubuntu can any one suggest how can i over come this issue and get wifi network enabled on my compaq presario kernel 3.8

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List down the content of the log file.. what is the output of sudo vi /var/log/jockey.log – Maythux Jan 9 '14 at 11:12

First uninstall the bcmwl-kernel-source package by issuing the following command on a terminal:

sudo apt-get remove bcmwl-kernel-source

Install firmware-b43-installer and the b43-fwcutter packages if they are not installed

sudo apt-get install firmware-b43-installer b43-fwcutter

Type into terminal:

cat /etc/modprobe.d/* | egrep 'bcm'

Copy this and see if the term 'blacklist bcm43xx' is there

if it is, type cd /etc/modprobe.d/ and then sudo gedit blacklist.conf

put # in front of the line: blacklist bcm43xx

Now save the file then reboot.

For more info check this

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:on running installing command i get this :: Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree Reading state information... Done E: Unable to locate package firmware-b43-installer – user3345331 Jan 9 '14 at 12:10
Before you proceed, let's identify your wireless device. Please edit your question to add: lspci -nn | grep 0280 – chili555 Jan 9 '14 at 12:56

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