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I have created a bootable usb stick having Ubuntu 13.10.

When I boot my laptop, it boots from the usb. I proceed to install Ubuntu 13.10. Ahead, I get the below options. photo You see here the option of 'erase disk & install ubuntu'. This will delete everything on my laptop. But I was expecting the option of 'erase ubuntu 12.10 & reinstall' to appear. So, I feel that the installer fails to detect my current Ubuntu 12.10 If so, then what to be done so that my O.S is detected.

I would appreciate if one can share what options they get when they install from bootable usb ubuntu 13.10.

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On your bootable current bootable USB,are you installing Ubuntu into it or you are using Live Ubuntu with persistent ? – Tommy Aria Pradana Jan 9 '14 at 7:21
@TommyAriaPradana I'm using the bootable usb stick to install ubuntu 13.10 on my laptop's hard disk. – Ravi Jan 9 '14 at 8:59

Try something else then format all the 12.10 Partition and re-use them for 13.10

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