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After switching to the Unity in 11.04 I miss the bottom only for one thing: I want to know what windows are on the current virtual screen. I switch between windows with alt+tab and sometimes I don't remember if program I need is running on the current screen.

In launcher there is white dots that shows running programs. But they show this for all virtual screens and this is not what I need. Maybe there is some way to setup launcher that it shows white dots only for current virtual screen?

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By default there's a combination Shift+Alt+Up that will show you all windows from current desktop (unlike Win+w that will show you windows from all desktops).

You can see that (or change that) in CompizConfig manager (Expo plugin).

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Wow! Thank you this is the thing I was looking for. It's hard to say, but I hope this hotkey will solve the issue for me. –  bessarabov May 5 '11 at 9:25
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