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I have made a folder structure for network boot using PXE and Grub with the command grub-mknetdir.

I have put those files in a valid served tftp folder on Server Machine. I have put a valid kernel and initrd into that folder too.

Client Machine goes throught usual PXE configuration (dhcp and so on) and loads grub.

  • If I use grub command line to load the kernel and the initrd images, what filesystem is used?
  • Where must be dev, etc, bin, etc?
  • How can I tell the kernel what partition must use?
  • Why grub command 'ls' cannot list any device?

Can anyone explain me all of this more detailed? I have just no idea and have been searching the internet all night long...

Thanks in advance guys!

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You are missing root device mounting. you can setup NFS server. See help.ubuntu.com/community/DisklessUbuntuHowto –  Sneetsher Feb 3 at 17:54

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