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Is there any interactive or more user-friendly version (or substitution) of GDB for debugging?

Some people suggested CGDB, but after a few tests I found it buggy and unstable.

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There are multiple graphical frontends for gdb. GNU DDD and KGDB to mention a couple.

GNU DDD: enter image description here

KGDB: enter image description here

Update: I failed to mention that gdb actually has a built in text-based user interface if you run it with gdb -tui: enter image description here

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There's a list of gdb frontends at

This unfortunately gives only further links, but no hints about scope and usability which varies a lot there. I'd recommend to use a frontend that is in active development as gdb itself changes a lot.

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You can try UltraGDB, it is a GDB GUI frontend and lightweight IDE based on Eclipse technology.

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