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Please, I can't install Ubuntu and Kubuntu 13.10. When i click to test Operating system, my screen turn black in five seconds and my computer restart. (I tested all configurations in BIOS.) Asus z87m-plus, i5 4670K, 2x 4G Kingston 1600, Corsair Neutron 256, 2x ATI Radeon HD7850 out HDMI. Thanks, I read the solutions to fix the problem. I try with -nomodeset- the system restart. I try with all options UEFI off in BIOS, the system restart. I try with CSM compatibility ON, the system restart. I try with all GRUB options , acpi etc etc, the system restart, with secureboot OFF, system restart. I don't know to try it more. Please.

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Sorry, but you must provide more information. –  Braiam Jan 9 at 0:11
Hi, OK. The hard disk have not partitions. I don't know what you need more, I don't know how to try test ubuntu with others options in bios and GRUB (acpioff, nomodeset, quiet splash etc) –  Javi Jan 9 at 1:21
The answer question linked at the top of your question reveals this: askubuntu.com/a/162076/169736 Please, read it completely. –  Braiam Jan 9 at 1:23
I try Ubuntu 32 and 64 and Kubuntu 32 y 64 –  Javi Jan 9 at 1:23
I think that it's not duplicate –  Javi Jan 9 at 19:30

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