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I need to change the OS from MS Windows to Ubuntu on my daughter's laptop. I am considering burning a Ubuntu disk with my Apple desktop (Imac) computer. Is this possible because Apple does not seemlessly mersh with Windows based machines (software architecture don't you know). I tried to do this once already, but the windows laptop did not recognize the CD. Am I better off just trying to burn a CD for Ubuntu with the laptop instead? PUZZLED

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How about an USB? – Braiam Jan 7 '14 at 21:12

It should be fine if you're using an ISO image. Make sure you're burning the entire IMAGE, and not the FILES in the image.

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When you burn a disc, you have to make sure the filesystem is closed in order to make it bootable (or 'mastered'). The CD can be closed or left open ('packet writing') and other uses.

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