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I've got an old PC at home running Win 98 and after reading up on Linux thought I would install Ubuntu next to it to have a bit of a play and see what I though of it.

I have had previous limited experience of working with AIX so know a few commands (ls, cp, vi, etc) so wasn't worried too much about any command line items even though I believe the later versions are a lot easier to use anyway.

I downloaded the ISO for 13.10 and wrote it to a DVD on my other PC and installed the o/s choosing to put it alongside Win 98 so I could mess around with both.

The only issue I had is that my network card wouldn't connect to the internet (even via a wired connection) so couldn't be on the internet during the install but all seemed to go well without any issues.

At the end it told me to remove the install DVD and press Enter to reboot. I did this and then I was presented with:

> Attempting Boot from Hard Drive (C:)
> error: no such partition.
> Entering rescue mode...
> grub rescue> _

If I do an an ls it just shows:

> (hd0) (hd0,msdos1) (fd0)

and ls -l returns:

> error: no such partition.

Even using cd says Unknown command 'cd'.

I have tried a few suggestions I have found around using commands such as sudo, repair, etc but they all come up with unknown command.

As I said I am happy using a command line but I don't even know where to start here, any help would be much appreciated.

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The reason (almost) all of the commands you are entering are unknown is because you are not in a normal shell yet but rather on the GRUB shell. –  hmayag Jan 7 at 21:22

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