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I'm sure most of you will know what has happened instantly so thank you :)

I was going to keep both windows and WUBI (installed on SSD c:/) and was moving files on the same hdd (d:/) from the windows partition to the ubuntu partition.

I didn't have much space so was going to do it in parts (i.e. move 100gb to ubuntu then reduce the windows partition, create a new ubuntu partition and move another 100gb etc.)...

I then shrank my windows partition to later have more space in ubuntu land and move more files across BUT THEN>>>

scrapped windows altogether and installed ubuntu on my C:/ instead.

I figured my files would still be available somewhere on my D:/ though can't find them. All I can see are the files left on the windows side of the D:/

It also looks like that D: has merged into one somewhere along the line...

Please if you could help find my files that would be amazing!

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Were you just dragging files from one partition to another? –  Seth Jan 7 at 19:41
I was copying and pasting. confirmed the files were there and my gparted shows that the space is still taken... –  Dan and his PC Jan 7 at 19:43
Can you boot a live media and add the output of the command sudo parted -l to paste.ubuntu.com , and then edit your question with a link to the paste? –  Anders F. U. Kiær Jan 8 at 12:48
sorry I'm so new to this, you mean to boot ubuntu from usb, open terminal and run your command? do I just boot ubuntu as the "try ubuntu without..." option? –  Dan and his PC Jan 9 at 11:24

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