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When creating a VM with VMBuilder how can I preallocate the disk space? I'm currently using the format below to create a VM which should create a 10GB root disk (and it does), the only problem i'm facing is that I want to preallocate those 10GB on the host. how can this be achieved?

vmbuilder kvm ubuntu \
-v \
--suite=precise \
--libvirt=qemu:///system \
--arch=amd64 \
--swapsize=1024 \
--rootsize=10240 \
--flavour=server \
--hostname=<HOSTNAME_HERE> \
--mask=<NETMASK_HERE> \
--net=<NETWORK_HERE> \
--dns='<DNS_HERE>' \
--bridge=<BRIDGE_HERE> \
--mirror=<MIRROR_HERE> \
--components='main,universe' \
--addpkg=openssh-server,acpid \
--user=root \
--pass=<PASSWORD_HERE> \
--dest=/tmp/<HOSTNAME_HERE> \
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