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I am trying to install Ubuntu 12.04 in separate partition...I already have windows7 installed in C drive which is the default OS.

Earlier ive installed ubuntu in the same separate partition and used it for long time. But due to some windows7 problem i had to unistall the Ubuntu....

But now when i try to re-install ubuntu in the same partition which is my disk F....It shows some .iso file error and shows initramfs_......and installation doesnt proceed further...

What would be the solution for this problem....(Ive tried to format the drive and then re install..,but it was of no use)

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are you using the windows (wubi) installer or are you installing via a live cd or usb? personally I would recommend to use a live cd or usb. that way your Ubuntu shouldn't be totally lost when you reinstall windows. Also you can check your download using this method. –  Wouter Jan 7 at 8:31

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