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I installed ubuntu 13.10(Win8 is first OS) from LiveUSB, but it doesn't boot. Booting stuck on purple screen after choosing Ubuntu in grub(Windows boots without any problems). I tried to choose recovery mode on different kernels, but booting stucks on second line "Loading initial ramdisk". HDD diode doesn't blinks. Booting with "nomodeset" doesn't help. Grub2 menu appears only after use Boot-repair. I have Asus U24A with Intel HD Graphics 4000, may be a problem in the drivers, but I don't know how to solve this problem. I am desperate to find a solution to this problem. I would be very grateful for help. Thanks.

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hope this askubuntu.com/questions/371773/… will help. With UEFI installation is rather different with previous version. –  metamorph Apr 14 at 9:08

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