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Is there any way to always automatically use the parameter --no-existing-session for Totem? I want to use that parameter whenever I double click on anything that will open Totem.


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  1. Copy the global totem.desktop file to your local applications folder:

    cp /usr/share/applications/totem.desktop ~/.local/share/applications
  2. Change the line Exec=totem %U to Exec=totem --no-existing-session %U

    gedit ~/.local/share/applications/totem.desktop

    enter image description here

  3. Save the file and close it. The change should take effect immediately.

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Awesome! Thank you! – geeehhdaa May 5 '11 at 6:06

Parameter removed from Totem since Ubuntu 11.10

It seems this parameter doesn't work anymore since 11.10, see How can I launch multiple instances of Totem since 11.10?

Be careful when upgrading to *buntu 11.10 if you have your own modified ~/.local/share/applications/totem.desktop because Totem will not open if this parameter is set by default.

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