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I just got back to my university and discovered that Ubuntu 13.10 has issues maintaining network access now. After a minute or less of proper connectivity, I lose the ARP entry for the gateway and my computer begins to continuously send ARP requests for the gateway but receives no response. I manually inserted the ARP entry for the gateway after getting the MAC for it from the short period that it is connected. This stops the flood of ARP requests, but there are no responses to DNS requests. The syslog shows no change in status nor does network-manager. I have noticed that when the connection is working, DNS lookups are very slow. DNS requests are also routed through the local loopback interface.

I was not the only person to have issues with Ubuntu 13.10, so I talked with IT and verified that the only change to the network was the change of a controller for the access points, which should have nothing to do with the current issue. The network is secured with PEAP/MSCHAPv2. There has been no issues on Windows machines, nor Ubuntu machines running a different version that I know of, in fact the head of IT is running Ubuntu 13.04 without issue.

Before Winter Break, I had been using Wicd due to issues with the iwl driver on this network setup among other issues. During break I was utilizing a WPA2-PSK network at home without issues. After getting back, Wicd would not allow the network connection to stay active due to authentication issues so I re-installed Network Manager, but that issue was apparently related to the authentication server and has since been fixed. I have not tried Wicd since then because the current issue appears to be DNS and routing related instead of authentication like the previous one.

I have seen the issue on an Intel-6300N and a TP-LINK4800N wireless card while using the up-to-date Ubuntu 13.10. These same machines connect without a hitch while running Windows 7.

If there are any configurations or logs that will help solve the problem let me know. I have several different machines to try fixes on, including a fresh install of Ubuntu 13.10.

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