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When I key in ctl-alt-f[1..12], I am taken to VT1[ ..12] (Virtual Terminal 1..12). This works wherever I am. From a Virtual Terminal that is not running a graphical environment, shift-alt-f[1..12] takes me to Virtual Terminal [13..24]. However, if I use the same key-combination from any Virtual Termial that is running a graphical environment - Gnome, KDE, XFCE or LXDE, these key combinations are simply ignored. It doesn't matter which VT the graphical environment is running in, the keystrokes are still sent to that great bit-bucket in the sky. What is happening here - is the X-server somehow eating these keystrokes? Is there any way I can get X-server not to eat them?

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Yes, the X server wants the ctrl added to switch VTs. Hold down ctrl if you are on a VT running X.

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Not completely sure I understand. Ctrl-alt-f[1-6] take you to non-graphical VTs. ctrl-alt-f[7-9] take you to graphical VTs.

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