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I have had no issues with Ubuntu until I recently did the upgrade to 12.10. Now when the computer reboots it is only showing the log in for Terminal. Unfortunately I don't have a screenshot. So, on 12.04 I had to sometimes manually restart the lightdm service and then it would load. Now when I try that command it won't do it.


Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon Intel Core i7 Intel HD4000 (I think.)

I'm looking to switch completely off Windows and for awhile was convinced I could do this, but I'd hate to have to restart this service every time I restart the computer. Any help would be great!

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did you try ctrl+alt+f1-6 –  Avinash Raj Jan 6 at 16:19
If I do CTRL-ALT-F1 then I can start the service, but should I have to do this every time? Would it be better to just re-install Ubuntu? –  davidfindley19 Jan 6 at 20:05

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