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I was playing with hda-jack-retask (changed mic input to line out output), after I finished everything was ok, system settings showed new device in sound tab, after few restarts that what happens:

In system settings at sound tab there are no output devices. sound indicator is not statring at system startup, when I try to start it manually I get:


** (process:5348): WARNING **: volume-control.vala:201: pa_context_connect() failed: OK

and then it just stays like that, also keyboard controls are not working. Alsamixer works fine, I'm using it to control volume right now.

From source code of volume-control.vala I see there is some problem with PulseAudio. Could anyone help me locate resolve this problem ? Maybe pulseaudio need to be reconfigured or restarted somehow ?

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Is PulseAudio running at all? See if you get errors with pulseaudio, or pulseaudio -k in CLI. – Takkat Jan 6 '14 at 15:30
it helped! pulseaudio was not starting at all. Now I must manually run it at every startup, and then sound indicator works. Thanks! – pawloch Jan 14 '14 at 21:54

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