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Is there a way to create a "search folder" like Thundebird and some operating systems have? Here's my scenario I am trying to fix:

I run data recovery on hard drives and some of the files come through fine while others are corrupted. The easiest way to sort through them (particularly images) is to open their containing folders and see which ones auto-preview correctly. The problem is that there may be hundreds of folders and while I could just do a "find all *.jpg and move them to folder x", some of the files have the same names which requires renaming them and losing information about their original location.

Ideally, I could search for *.jpg and have a folder where all the *.jpgs it found are hardlinked to the originals. That way I can auto-preview them in nautilus or the program of my choice.

Is there a program that does this or a way to do it in gnome? Hopefully I'm not the only person who needs this feature. Thanks!

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