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Due to a problem with my ubuntu 13.10 (apparently it's incompatible with my graphics card as I explained here), I decided that I will install the LTS 12.04 version instead.. so I prepared a bootable USB now and ready to install.

But first, I want to backup my data from the old installation, I had files in the home directory that I would like to keep.

So when I booted from the USB stick, I chose "Try Ubuntu" to try to access my old files and back them up. So from nautilus I found the drive that contains my old installation, went through Home -> myusername but then I get the following message:

The folder contents could not be displayed - You do not have the permissions necessary to view the contents of myusername

Makes sense, because I had a password there, now how can I access this folder?

I tried launching Nautilus as sudo, now I can open myusername directory to find two files: README.txt and Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop, when I try to open the later I see an error message saying

Untrusted application launcher - The application launcher "Access-Your-Private-Data.desktop" has not been marked as trusted. If you do not know the source of this file, launching it may be unsafe.

I cannot find a way to get past this error message, I can only hit "Cancel"

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Was this partition encrypted? –  xangua Jan 5 at 22:54
I didn't encrypt, so unless this is something that happens automatically then I guess no. Additionally, I can access other directories such as var and etc –  Mohamed Khamis Jan 5 at 22:58

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