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I am trying to get hold of a Firefox 2.0.x version . I cannot get any working download link . All links are failing. Can anyone help me with a working link?

Why FF2.0?

I am trying to run webex(cisco) which apparently runs only in FF2.0.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Mozilla's own ftp
  2. has a tar.gz

I downloaded both but did -not- install them :) If you need more please leave a comment!

But you are wrong I think. webex works with FF3 and FF4 too. From the webex website requirements:

32-bit Ubuntu 10.x, 32-bit Fedora 12/13,
32-bit Red Hat 5, 32-bit OpenSuSE 11.2/11.3
Firefox 3.x
Mozilla 1.7
JavaScript and cookies enabled
Requires Sun Java 5 or higher
No support for Remote Access
At least 512 MB RAM
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thanks. finally got a link. BTW, i am using AT&T webex , which is kind of prehistoric when it comes to Linux support! lol! – Ubuntuser May 5 '11 at 12:27

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