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I have been using Ubuntu 12.04.3 for about a month and half. I noticed that my laptop was always overheating which I found out was due to graphics drivers not being installed while searching on the internet. So I tried installing the graphics drivers through terminal following the guide on : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI. I didn't test it out immediately whether if it was working fine but instead it hasn't caused this issue.

Please if there is anyone with some knowledge about this I would be greatful for some advise..

Some info about the laptop : HP pavilion dv6 with an ATI graphics card and its dual booted with a Windows 7.

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I can access ctrl + alt + f1 to terminal –  jolu Jan 5 at 19:21
in the system preferences of Ubuntu 12.04, there is the "Restricted drivers" tool that can install AMD driver for you, without any command line. In you case, I would read again the steps you did in command line, and remove the packages you installed from the terminal. (sudo apt-get remove ...) Then restart. –  ttoine Jan 5 at 21:26
@ttoine Hi , thanks for the reply! I found out my version of the graphic card which is the Radeon mobility HD5470 is not compatible with current drivers for Ubuntu 12.04.01 later versions. At the same time I have a version of 12.04.03 which is only compatible with the proprietary drivers but I having trouble on how to install this through the command line. I have spending hours on this any help will be much appreciated. As well as that I follow some other instruction on the net and now when I type sudo " aticonfig --initial -f " , I find that I am using /etc/x11/xorg.conf. –  jolu Jan 5 at 21:30
you can try the driver from the X-Edgers PPA. all instructions are here: launchpad.net/~xorg-edgers/+archive/ppa it worked great for me: this the very latest available drivers. –  ttoine Jan 5 at 21:35
@ttoine How can I download it through command line as I cannot access desktop? –  jolu Jan 5 at 21:59

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