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The Gnome desktop environment starts in VT7 by dafault. How do I change it to start in VT12? I have already tried editing /etc/default/console-setup to specify active terminals as 1-11, and then running 'sudo setupcon' from a console terminal. The Gnome desktop environment still starts in VT7 after a restart. I have also added 'setupcon' before the 'exit 0' line in /etc/rc.local, but that had no effect either.

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have you tried copying /etc/init/tty6.conf to the locations in between? seems like X11 just takes the next available tty, but i could be wrong. –  hbdgaf May 4 '11 at 17:05
I did. In fact, I wanted a log-in prompt in terminals VT7 to VT12, so I could have graphical terminals in VT13 to VT24. I have created tty7.conf to tty12.conf in /etc/init. And I do get log-in prompts in VT8 to VT12. I have also figured out I can start graphical terminals in VT13 to VT24. It is just VT7 that is stubbornly refusing to have anything but the Gnome desktop. –  aphatak May 4 '11 at 20:00
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