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I had a problem with Grub after I downloaded Windows 8. I couldn't access it anymore and so couldn't access the Ubuntu partition that was on my laptop.

Since I needed to restore the files on the Ubuntu partition, I used a live USB to run Ubuntu and access any partition. I could access my data and stored it in a hard drive. But I also needed to back up data that was in an other partition, so I started doing that. But because it was taking too much time, I interreptud the download by shutting down the computer (using the command line shutdown now, for a reason I don't know, I can't use the mouse with the live session, so I did everything with shortcuts and the command line)

Now the computer didn't shutdown, I keep having that Ubuntu screen waiting for it to shutdown, but it still hasn't.I haven't done anything since then. (It's like this about 7 hours now...)

I'm just worried that the sudden shut down has damaged the hard drive...

I would like to know what can I do now, to have my data safe in the hard drive, and start my computer again ?

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