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I have several CA certificate files and config files for various VPN servers. The way (from what i understand) OpenVPN works is that you load a config file with the command:

sudo openvpn --config 'xx/xxx/xx' and you will run your config file with server information. You will also need a ca.crt file in the /etc/openvpn/ folder for the client to connect to the server, this works great when you deal with one server, however, what do you do when you have nine different servers? Is there a way to have multiple ca.crt files in the /etcx/openvpn folder and is there a command so you can choose which one you wish to load? Thanks.


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I don't understand. Are you trying to run 9 different openvpn servers on one server system? Or are you wanting to connect to 9 different VPN servers as a client? –  dobey Jan 5 at 3:19

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