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I'm having a difficult time with user setup of Ubuntu's Extended Partition (and the logical drives contained within this Ext4 partition) using LiveCD. If detailed instructional URL exists, kindly provide w/your reply. Thank u, in advance 4 any efforts on my behalf. I do not wish to inundate anyone with redundant questions on this. I'm a 1st time user of Ubuntu but a long time end-user of Windows OS's,LINUX's Walnut Creek & Red Hat versions. I've a 320 GB internal HDD (119.0 GB primary active/mounted for XPx86 HE -NTFS), (a 30 GB RECOVERY primary partition (mounted) - hidden) + (@148 GB free space: unpartitioned). My BIOS are up-to-date (have current version 2009 of OEM BIOS - old Phoenix BIOS). My machine contains 2500 GB RAM (512 built on board + 1 DIMM of 2GB DDR2 RAM installed) - My machine is a Toshiba M100 series model, and so far, it ran XP & Ubuntu but performance stats when I install Ubuntu LTS is rather slow. Ubuntu attains ALL of the necessary HW drivers for M100 laptop - excellent compatibility. (I was concerned that dual-booting/running XPx86 Hm Ed. & Ubuntu 12.04 LTS might be a futile venture - Not at all!). Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is very flexible, "forgiving" & reliable. I would only wish to resolve the partition misalignment and reserve space for an additional "utility" partition that would follow Ubuntu's Swap partition (one that will follow the Ubuntu filesystem and swap space). I must be doing something unorthodox or missing an undocumented step in following through w/self-partitioning and setup of Ubuntu LTS. Each time I attempt the "DIY" partitioning - I somehow muck it up even when I follow exact Ubuntu LiveCD setup. I also receive the msg. that my Extended (Ext4) partition is misaligned by 1024 KB. I know I must sound like an inept rube but my fervor to run LINUX drives me on. I love what the brilliant youngsters have done with LINUX (I say: No "meh" achievement - LINUX Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is enthralling & just loads of fun, too!).

POST Update: 01.05.2014 (Sunday; 8:58 AM - United States Time: NY)) The CONCLUSION: "After the dust has settled", many cups of tea later, I journalized my previous setup mishaps w/Ubuntu 12.04 LTS LiveCD Installation (selecting "Do-It-Yourself"=DIY="Something Else" partition setup option instead of the old command line method from a terminal window). All LINUX partitions (Prim/Ext4 file system format/Actv/Mntd - 68 GB (Ext4 journalizing format) & (2nd Partition Extended Partition containing Logical Drive 4.3 GB Swap Space (Linux - Swap format) are a SUCCESS! It was fortunate that I had utilized Ubuntu's disk utility and recognized there was more lacking than just the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS primary EXT4 partition being misaligned! The performance of my XP OS is greatly improved and accelerated (read/write/seek times). The 3rd party boot manager was the "root" of some of the alignment problems with Ubuntu LTS - as well. ALL better now! Avinash, I will always remember you were the 1st & only individual to have offered to review my problem & assist (my 1st Ubuntu posting). Kind regards, honeybuntu.

Personal motto: "Compute" responsibly (aka: think logically = SEE: common sense)

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upload gparted screenshot,using that explain what's your problem is. –  Avinash Raj Jan 5 at 2:45
Thanks, Avinash (Mr. Raj). Will do. Have found that my XP prim/actv/mounted (C:XP) and prim/non-actv/mounted/hidden partitions were also misaligned. The 320 GB drive is Western Digital. WD partitioning utilizes Acronis Partition Alignment Sftwr. Re-aligned (both partXnz in tact - no data loss or sys fall-out). Boot success.Kindest regards, honeybuntu –  honeybuntu Jan 5 at 4:26
After a brisk un-install of a 3rd party boot manager utility, complete re-alignment of XP prim/actv/mnt:C, prim/inactv:D/hidden - I performed the partitioning procedure with gParted sftwr app as before (only this time I also made use of alignment settings utilizing "MiB" based alignment rather than "Cylinder" standards (that was my error). –  honeybuntu Jan 5 at 13:19
Your question was so hard to read,so plz upload the gparted screenshot and then explain what's your problem is. –  Avinash Raj Jan 5 at 13:32
My apologies for not explaining my specific installation problem clearly. I revised my post - I solved the problem but am grateful that you pointed out gParted utility. I am accustomed to utilizing fdisk (old Linux utility). –  honeybuntu Jan 5 at 14:15

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