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  1. When I try to download and install Flash, it asks me what version of Ubuntu I'm using. I assume it would know because I don't.

  2. The video player won't let me play any of my previously Windows-viewed videos and tells me I don't have the plugins and/or an error occured.

  3. Do I have to keep the Ubuntu DVD in the DVD drive all the time when I want to shut down the computer and/or restart it?

  4. The DVD drive doesnt seem to work or it isnt read/seen in Ubuntu.

Im asking all these in one bunch because Im basically stuck with Ubuntu and it has deleted my Windows 7! When I afford it Im buying a new or used Win 7 system .. that's the only way to get rid of Ubuntu apparently. I might even destroy this one so no one ever uses this one.

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As for # 3, every time I restart the system it's like a brand new installation of Ubuntu .. not sure how to describe it. My time is 6 hours ahead and anything I downloaded or bookmarked are deleted. I forgot to say the archive manage doesnt seem to work either. Yet again, anything I downloaded and I try to doubleclick the icon a "mystyery error" occurs! –  Rob Jan 5 at 0:39
Assuming you installed ubuntu, you need to remove the DVD and reboot. Otherwise it keeps booting to the DVD and does not save your changes. You otherwise seem to be starting to orient to a new OS and I suggest you look at help.ubuntu.com/community/SoftwareManagement and help.ubuntu.com/community/RestrictedFormats. From there, in general, the format her is one question one answer, so break up your questions, google search "ubuntu flash" etc. –  bodhi.zazen Jan 5 at 0:50
The only way I can reboot or restart the computer is to have the Ubuntu DVD in the drive. I've clicked TRY or INSTALL many times (or canceled the installation), but I get the same result>>I must have the Ubuntu DVD in the drive. Whatever I've done between booting and rebooting (save bookmarks, save pictures, change my time)>>everything is gone. Can't I install Ubuntu on the hard drive and not boot it with the DVD? Also for some reason the system either doesn't recognize the DVD/CD drive and/or other CDs or DVDs .... JUST the Ubuntu DVD and only if I reboot or restart. –  Rob Jan 6 at 2:29

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