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The other day, I made an ad-hoc wifi network for some LAN gaming. After I disconnected, I tried to reconnect to the wifi network, but it kept saying it couldn't connect. I disabled and re-enabled my wifi to no avail. Thinking that I might get an error message, I restarted nm-applet in a terminal, but no error message came through when I tried to connect. I fiddled with a few of the network settings; nothing helped. I restarted the system, but it still wouldn't connect. Then I had the computer forget the network and reconnected, thinking maybe a fresh start would do the trick. Still no connection.

Finally, fed up, I sent the computer to sleep. Next day I woke up the computer and tried to connect, and it worked.

Now, I'm pretty sure the problem didn't arise from bandwidth issues, because I can usually still connect to the network in those conditions. I don't think it was a router problem, because I could access the network before setting up the WLAN, and anyhow the WLAN wouldn't change any of the existing network's settings. This leaves me with two options:

  1. There was some sort of internal setting (IP address, etc.) which needed to expire to allow the old connection. If so, is there a way to manually reset this in Linux?
  2. There was a router problem. In this case, there's nothing to do but restart the router.

Is there a third option I'm missing? Also, how would I go about troubleshooting something like this?

(As a side note, the other computer which had been connected to my network was running Windows 7, and it also couldn't connect after disconnecting from my ad-hoc network.)

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