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My biggest problem is we got a new computer from a friend after ours died. This computer runs slack-ware and we have no clue what we are doing. We have looked up how to install programs but it seems we don't have the root password (he said he set all passwords to the same thing). So I have downloaded Ubuntu and the pendrivelinux universal installer, but I can't get it to run and load onto flash drive so I can switch to Ubuntu (which I have some experience with). We only have this one computer at the moment and if this goes sideways, we are totally screwed, as we can't look up the problem and fix it. We now have a dell Inspiron 1525 - no idea what it has inside (can't figure out how to see it). On boot up it has Huge and Slackware as choices.

Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


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So basically, the immediate problem is creating a bootable USB stick with Ubuntu in Slackware without the root password. Is that right? –  mikewhatever Jan 4 at 21:50
yes that would solve the problem –  earth426 Jan 5 at 0:16

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