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I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 (SM-T210), I would love to install Ubuntu on it. Is it currently possible? And is anyone developing a rom?

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The Ubuntu wiki has a page on devices that are supported at https:/ Currently the only officially supported devices are:

Quote from Supported devices:

The table below lists the supported devices and their corresponding factory images, should you want to switch back to Android. The images can be found here.

Note: We currently do not support the newer '2013' Nexus 7.

Device         Codename  Factory firmware from Google  Status

Galaxy Nexus  maguro     takju or yakju                Stable (build #100)

Nexus 4       mako       occam                         Stable (build #100)

Nexus 7       grouper    nakasi or nakasig             Pre-release

Nexus 10      manta      mantaray                      Pre-release

thus your Galaxy Tab 3.7.0 isn't officially supported by the official builds. So, no.

This is similar/duplicate of this question: What hardware will Ubuntu Touch support?

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