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I couldn't install Ubuntu since the unallocated space is not shown in Ubuntu installer or Gparted, and the "Install along side Windows" option is not listed.

Screen shot of Disk management window of Win7

Screen shot of Disk management window of Win7

These are the partitions of my HDD shown in Disk Management of Win7.

In Ubuntu-


This is the Screen shot of HDD partitions shown in Ubuntu, the upper one is Gparted and the second is installer.

-I seen the complete list of partitions in Ubuntu installer as in Windows in some other PCs. But I can't find even the unallocated space in Ubuntu. So I can't install Ubuntu. Anybody please help me to resolve my problem.

-Thank you.

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i think you asked this question before. –  Avinash Raj Jan 4 at 17:27
But it was to know that could I delete that 1MB partition to install Ubuntu(askubuntu.com/questions/399471/…). I don't know how to make space for Ubuntu. Please help me.. –  Devan Jan 4 at 18:02
Yes delete that because boot flag was set to 100 mb partition,so i think deleting that partition won't cause any damages and make a backup of that partition before deleting.follow the answers given for that question. –  Avinash Raj Jan 4 at 18:07

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