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The Ubuntu ISO file I downloaded wants to burn exclusively to a CD disc, but the files in the ISO file are too large to fit to any 700MB CD disc I currently have available.

It won't accept a DVD as the destination media.

Are there any files that I can delete from the ISO file?

Alternatively, will extracting the files from the ISO file and creating another bootable ISO file acceptable to a DVD disc be a workable solution, or is there something I'm missing in this endeavor?



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use Brasero , click burn image , dvd should be ok . or you could use USB stick to install OS.

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If you are using Windows OS, try PowerISO. You can do it using a trial version. Else use YUMI, which you can download using this link.

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Download Ubuntu mini iso and burn it to the 700 mb cd.

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I suggest not to change any file in the ISO file if you don't prefer to get any problem soon or late instead I would definitely suggest to burn the file on a USB stick,

if you are in Windows:

if you are in Ubuntu:

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