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currently running a tri boot and using gpodder the sync of podcast list works just fine but second system wants to re-download podcast episodes....question is would a (ln) from main dl dir be best way have considered (ln -s) but some podcasts have been in iTunes in past and iTunes loves to "organize" things each update and not looking forward to reconfigure each time sda configure below

sda 250Gb sata (MBR)

sda1 40gb win7 x64
sda2 12gb page partition (only 2gb onboard --legacy d620)
sda3 extended
sda5 10gb Mint 16 x64
sda6 10gb Fc20 Design spin x64
sda7 12gb linux-swap
sda8 150-ish Gb home  (/home & D:\) 

considering the following since main dir on sda8 won't change but which is best for linking to all system

ln d:\<u/n>\gpodder\... dev/sda8/home/<u/n>/gpodder/....


ln -s d:\<u/n>\gpodder\... dev/sda8/home/<u/n>/gpodder/....
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You are doing it wrong! ln syntax is ln [-sd] target linkname! –  Danatela Jan 9 at 3:28
[-sd] whats the D for didnt see that in man page or it was just so much to digest ? thanks again for the help and not a flame... –  linuxdev2013 Jan 10 at 10:11
D stands for Directory link and you should mount data partition and home partition like mount /dev/sda8 /home then make links like ln -sd /data/<u/n>/gpodder /home/<u/n>/gpodder. Data is the partition which contains gpodder files. –  Danatela Jan 13 at 4:39
makes sense now....sorry for delayed response I was able to get that to work fine then boss decided he needs us all to be part of Oracle VM nation so knowledge base up one notch but now a mute point with VM... –  linuxdev2013 Jan 13 at 16:50

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