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In my apartment building, every computer that connects to the provided networking switch is assigned a WAN accessible IP address. I have an Ubuntu machine exporting a Samba share which I am able to access outside of the apartment building. The problem is that when my laptop (Windows 7) is attached to the same networking switch, I can not access the Ubuntu machine over Samba or SSH, but I can with the Windows ping command. What do I need to do to be able to reach the Samba share from the local networking switch?

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Your Windows laptop may have its Firewall on. Try disabling the firewall for outgoing traffic. Or, the switch/your Ubuntu machine may have odd firewall settings that block local network traffic. –  chronospoon Jan 3 at 22:14
Disabling the Windows firewall did not help, and the switch does not have any firewall. –  chew socks Jan 3 at 23:21

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