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I'm having a very specific issue with a new Logitech mk520 keyboard on Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS. Everything works fine except when, in the keyboard layout, I switch the Caps Lock and Ctrl keys. (I prefer using Caps Lock as my Ctrl key)

Then when using Ctrl-Alt- (or really CapsLock-Alt- in my case) to switch workspaces (2x2 layout) I can go down, left and right, but not up.

Any ideas? Is there any way to check that that Ctrl-Alt-Up key sequence is getting from the keyboard to the OS correctly?

FYI, the Ctrl-Alt-Up works fine when I DON'T switch the Caps/Ctrl keys. It also works fine using the switched Caps/Ctrl on a Microsoft 800 wireless keyboard. I'd really like to use the Logitech though with the switched Caps/Ctrl setup.


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