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I just built my new computer and I don't have enough money for windows 7 yet, so I wanted to install Ubuntu to start out with. I burned 13.10 to a disk and put it into my computer and that didn't work, so then I put 12.04.3 onto a flash drive, booted my computer with that and it still didn't work. Unfortunately, I was using a blank dvd-r so I erased the Ubuntu 13.10 without knowing that I could not put it back on to the blank dvd. So the only version of Ubuntu I still physically have is 12.04.3 that is on my flash drive. If anyone could help me that would be much appreciated!!!!

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did you change the boot-order in bios to usb as first option?If yes then what was displayed on the screen while booting from usb? –  Avinash Raj Jan 3 at 16:41
Im pretty sure I did. And when it "booted" it showed a screen that was kind of purple with some sort of logo at the bottom, then the screen became black and nothing happened. –  Ben TenBroek Jan 3 at 17:04
see this askubuntu.com/questions/162075/… –  Avinash Raj Jan 3 at 17:24
If you burned 13.10 to a DVD-R then it will still be on there. Once you properly burn a DVD-R, CD-R, CD+R or DVD+R, it's there permanently... they key word being properly. If you make the disc as bootable, then it's permanent. If you use Packet Writing, then the disc is not bootable. What problem did you have with the 13.10 disc? –  K7AAY Jan 3 at 17:44
Is your computer an acer or asus? –  mchid May 24 at 5:45

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