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The error!

I'm having trouble mounting my external HDD. well I do manage to mount it BUT the thing is that it doesn't work except after running the command sudo f-disk -l and waiting for it about 5 minutes to finish! Every time I need mount the hard disk I have to wait 5 minutes!! This is really really bugging me.

I caught the above error message!! It has never appeared before! maybe it's what can help me with my issue!! what about the "NTFS signature" ?? is that it?

by the way I've already asked 2 questions about this hard disk before I'll paste them here. You can look them up if you want.

ubuntu doesn't "see" external usb hard disk that was when I didn't know how to mount it in the first place. It has more description.

and this one: alternative ways of mounting USB NTFS external-hdd

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